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SENNEBOGEN Z 613 mobile crane

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

This here is the SENNEBOGEN Z 613 mobile wheel crane. As  you can

see compared by that passsing man, it isn't one of the larger cranes

The cab includes an operators seat surrounded by controls and

levers along with a steering wheel

The front axle also has a moving suspension system keeping

all wheels on the ground at all times

There are four fully functional hydraulic stabilizers

Here's a view of the opposite side showing the optional swing jib

Close up of the cable reel and knob

Machine can of course rotate a complete 360 degrees

One of the cool parts of this model is it comes with brass

pulley sheeves

Picture of the three stage boom extended

Fully extended teh boom can reach 14.5 inches

Pic of the boom extended and jib in place

With the boom fully extended and the jib in place

the Z 613 can reach just over 18 inches

Small but not a bad model, the crane loads up and heads off to lift

Here's a picture of the Z 613 assisting in this municipal sewer

pipe replacement



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