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WIRTGEN WR 2500 recycler/soil stabilizer

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the unusual WR 2500 by Wirtgen. You can see the size

of this machine as it stands behind that man in the orange jacket

The cab contains an overhead a/c unit and inside has an operators

seat and steering wheel

The cab can be tilted back to insert the operator

The operators seat and steering wheel are mounted on a swivel

piece allowing them to be rotated in either direction

Cab also slides from side to side

All for big rubber tires can be turned for steering

Here's a side view of the machine showing even the added

small details like orange warning beacon lights

View of the rear of the machine, you can see the upper air intakes

and also the liquid tank below

Front view of the recycler and all its complicated lower details

Railings line the walkway outside of the cab

Here's an under shot of the machine showing a close up of the

spinning toothed drum

The drum is raised or lowered by an up or down movement of

the entire motor structure giving it full force action

(shown here in the raised position)

Here's a pic of drum lowered showing how the engine is

what controls the movement

Here's an overhead photo with the drum still lowered to give a

better visiual of how the drum works directly off the engine

and the engines weight

The models box has a good picture on the underside showing

you exactly how the machine works in the real world

The front and sides of the box also have some good photos of the

machine in action I thought I post showing how it can recycle and

remove roadways or stabilize the soil

Although this isn't your everyday machine you see everywhere, it

really is a cool and detailed model thats not a bad addition to

any collectors collection

Here's an image of the WR 2500 in action traveling in reverse

trying to stabilize the rough soil



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