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KOMATSU GD655 grader (white)

Manufacturer: FIRST GEAR

Scale: 1:50

Here is the limited edition white colored KOMATSU GD655 grader by FIRST GEAR.

You can get an idea of the models size as the operator opens up the side door

The interior is detailed up just like the real thing with a center raised

steering wheel, side levers, controls, and foot pedals

Here's a front and side view, really shows the awesome crisp white paint job

A rear and side view

View of the opposite side

The rear has three shank rippers that can be raised or...


The model features center hydraulic pivit steering and full rear working suspension

Here's a shot from underneath to show the hydraulic cylinders for the pivit

steering as well as all the other little details like the visable engine parts

The two front tires can also be turned and rotated up or down

for suspension by hydraulic cylinders

The rear has life-like lights on the radiator grill

This is another great shot to show off how magnificant the paint job is as

well as all the decaling and markings!

The operators cabs exterior features realistic spot lights above along with

an amber warning light on top. The windshield (as well as rear window) have

full on windshield wipers and a mirrior on each side of the cab

Besides having an awesome paint job with no flaws or rivits showing this

model is also completly lined with all the proper hydraulic lines and fine touches

The blade raises and lowers, tilts forwared and backward

...slides from side to side

...angles and reaches

...turns 360 degress (depending how you slide the blade in & out)

... even rotates out nearly 90 degress for those side grades!

Second view with the blade rotated outward

This is yet another great model from FIRST GEAR the details are beyond

fantastic! I had bought mine just for a load for my white Pete 379 (above)

and I was just blown away by this model I swear its more life like than

the actual real thing=) I highly recommened this model to anyone its

incrediable you will NOT be disappointed so get one while you still can!

Here's a photo of the GD655 hard at work leveling the rough ground

flat preparing for a new roadway


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