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Link-Belt RTC-80100 rough terrain crane

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the NZG Link-Belt RTC-80100 rough terrian 100-ton capacity crane.

You can get an idea of the machines size with that man beside it

Nice cab with side joysticks and raised center sterring wheel

Cab door slides open and closed

All wheel steering, front independent, rear two axles paired

View of the opposite side in crisp Link-Belt colors

Four extendable screw down outriggers

Two pulley drums

Two tools are provided for working the pulley drums

4 stage extendable boom

Boom alone fully extended reaches nearly 42 inches

With flip over jib in place- close to 50 inches

With full length of the jibs two pieces reaches just under 57 inches

View from above

The rear counter weights are detachable

Front and rear counter weights w/ outriggers are also removable

Rear piece removed

Nice details even without the front and rear pieces in place like brake lights,

and side mirriors

Same with the front, contains headlights and mirriors

Here's how the front & rear pieces work...

Piece is lowered onto the track above...

...and then once in place a locking brace is turned 90 degrees to secure it

Shot of the nicely detailed RTC-80100 in dis-assembled in transport mode

Here's a pic of teh Link-Belt rough terrian crane in action adding counter

weights to a massive Manitowoc 18000 crane


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