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Crews working on installing a new blue pipe water line

CAT 330D L loading up a Mack tandum axle dump truck

Another shot of the CAT 330D L

CAT 963D taking a large bucketful of excess dirt and loading it into bottom dumps

A CAT 14M grader and 623G scraper doing some final grade work on what will soon be a new roadway

A grove TM9120 prepares to lift a large trench box into place at this underground  storm drain

water reclaimation project site

A CAT 950H loader pulls back dirt as the massive Bauer BG40 drill rig augers away 

deep into the ground to get the foundation ready for a large building to be built

Another shot of the 950H and big BG40

One more photo of the foundation hole underway as this drill progresses further into the earth

CAT 365B L with Felco bedding conveyor being loaded up by a CAT 950H and placing

the rock bedding into the trench for the new RCP piping to rest on

Another shot of the 365B L using its Felco bedding conveyor

HYUNDAI 800LC-7A excavator loading up CAT 769D haul trucks at this aggregates quarry

Another view of the HYUNDAI excavator loading up CAT haul trucks

LIEBHERR L 586 loader with a large scoop of sand and minerals

L 586 loader getting ready to load up a bottom dump trailer

L 586 loader filling belly dump trailer

A LIEBHERR 734 dozer pushing material to feed the L 586 loader

A LIEBHERR LR 634 carving an access road into the steep hillside

Another shot of the LR 634 as it slowly progresses up the steep hill

A pair of LIEBHERR R 954 C excavators at work bringing down the uneven terrian to make

way for a new highway

LIEBHERR R 954 C excavator loading up a KOMATSU HM 400 ADT

Different view of the R 954 C's at this highway project

Close up of one of the R 954 C's as it takes a big bite into the earth

A Volvo EC 700B LC excavator digging down extremely deep to make way for a new water pipe

Volvo with a large scoop of soil as it pulls out of the trench and swings over to the side

Here you can see one of the large segments of pipe that will soon be lowered into the trench

Another photo of the EC700B LC excvator as it swings and gets ready to go back into the trench for more

A KOMATSU WA500 loader loading up a KOMATSU HM 400 ADT with extra earth

Second view of the WA 500 loading up the HM 400

A HYUNDAI 800LC-7A excavator using its toothed bucket to rip down part of the hillside

Another view of the 800LC-7A tearing down the hill as a LIEBHERR L 586 loader moves in

to clean up all the falling material

One last shot of the large HYUNDAI 800 excavator, you can also see a CAT 330D L excavator equipped

 with a hydraulic hammer breaking up some of the larger boulders being found mixed in the soil

A LIEBHERR R 924 Compact excavator working extremely close to a concrete wall to dig a trench

for some new steel piping

A Volvo ABG7820 tracked paver laying down a fresh new layer of asphalt as a Mack Granite

dump truck loads it with more hot asphalt and a CAT CB-534D XW follows behind to smooth and

compact the new roadway

HYUNDAI 800LC-7A w/ hammer breaking up stone

So Cal Earth Mover's CAT 657G scrapers working hard at this mass grading project

CAT 385B L excavator digging deep for a new watermain

385B L getting a large scoop

Preparing to load awaiting 740 ADT

Rotating over 740 with large bucketful

Getting ready to dump into the 740

Filling up the ADT

Touchdown into the CAT 740

Back into the hole for more

Only takes 2 passes of the 385 to fill the 740

Deep down into the trench

Pulling out another large scoop

View from above

The 385 pulling out another large bucketful from the trench

Getting ready to load the 740 again

Rotating to allign over ADT

Fillin' up the CAT 740

740 taking off and the 385 turning to keep on digging

And the process repeats...

CAT 365C L excavator equipped with large digging bucket

365C L getting a large scoop of earth

The 365C L is using its large bucket to load awaiting CAT ADT's

Preparing to load up a CAT ADT

Dropping its bucketful into the ADT

CAT 365C L excvaator with large bucket grabbing another scoop

A CAT 834B wheel dozer working in the fill leveling & compacting as scrapers roll by


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