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LIEBHERR 996 Litronic front shovel

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is LIEBHERR's Massive 996 front shovel

Its operator can't even see the top of its tracks its so big!!

This is a great model the only thing it lacks is interior cab detail

Extended this model reaches approx. 18.5 inches long!

The left view

This model even features a slide-down ladder like the real machine

View of the ladder slid down

View of the rear and its gigantic counter weight

Heavy duty thick metal linked tracks

Fold out crane for engine access and lifting parts up to the upper level 

Crane shown here in folded up position

Removeable engine covers to revel the 2 HUGE engines

Here is a close-up of the engine compartment

Both engines are detailed and also removable

Heres a close up of one of the twin engines

Radiator cover on opposite side of engine

The front features a staircase and ladder for the operator

View of the door to enter cab

More stair cases and railings line the boom and the many hydrolic lines

Fully functional shovel

Heres a close up of the toothed shovel

Reaches twice as high as the machine itself

Although this is the older version of the 996 with a white shovel I highly

 recommened this or its new gray shoveled version to any serious collector...

Goes great when teamed up with the matching LIEBHERR T282 dump truck

Heres a size comparison of the LIEBHERR 996 next to this O&K RH 120 C

...next to the CAT 5130B

...and next to its smaller brother the 984

Working around the clock heres the shovel busy in action tearing away

at this rock hillside

And here's another picture of the 996 in action, loading up that

CAT 793C haul truck



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