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KOMATSU DEMAG H255S Hydraulic Shovel

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

This is one big mama... As you can see here this monster just

towers over that man below that cant even see over the tracks

Although its hard to see in this photo due to the dark window tint

the inside of the cab includes a center operators seat which

 is surrounded by controls and foot pedals below

The tracks are made of thick rubber and crawl very easily

Besides this beasts height its whole back end is occupied

with that huge counter weight

From above looking down you can see all the upper details which

include twin exhaust pipes with mufflers, big access panel box,

and its all completely surrounded by railing detail

Here's a pic of teh opposite side which shows the big radiator

and heat vents as well as the nice DEMAG markings painted

To access the cab the operator is given a pull down ladder

at the lowest point of the walkway (shown here pulled up)

Heres a shot of the retractable ladder pulled down

All the deatails on this model are just simply fasanating, look here

at the walkway steps and railings they're amazing and the paint

job is so crisp and shinning

Here's a close up of the thick 5 toothed front shovel

Boom is lined with many large hydraulics as well as the proper

hydraulic lining, and the front shovel opens for quick dumping

Like a dinosour reaching into the sky this beast stands tall

with a wide open toothed mouth

Just looking at this picture should say it all... This is an awesome

model all around the deatails are great and like most NZG models

there arn't flaws like big unpainted rivits or unporportioned railings.

This model is becoming extremely hard to find, especially this DEMAG

 version, but is a must have for any serious mining model collector!

Here's a photo of the big monster loading up that CAT 793C

hual truck with no effort at all



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