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VOLVO EC650 excavator

Manufacturer: JOAL

Scale: 1:50

Here is the VOLVO EC-650 excavator you can get an idea of how

big it is by comparing it that passing worker next to it

The inside of the cab as an operators seat with a side display panel,

joysticks on each side, and four foot pedals

Much better than rubber tracks this model has plastic linked tracks

Here's a pic of the opposite side not to many major details

Picture to show off the raer counter weight with the official VOLVO

in the center

Close up of the large toothed bucket with protective wear underlining

Shot to show the excavators max digging depth capability

Besides being able to stand tall this model

 can also rotate a full 360 degrees

Not that bad of a model especially for the cheap price like most JOAL

models and is also available in smaller engine AKERMAN forms as well

as a front shovel version...and teams up real nice with this JOAL

volvo lowboy hauling truck

Here's a shot of the Volvo excavator loading up those awaiting

 Volvo articulated dump trucks with huge scoops of earth



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