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Manufacturer: CCM

Scale: 1:48

Here is CAT's first high drive dozer the CAT D10 by CCM in 1/48 scale. You 

can get an idea of this machines size by comparing it to that man next to it

View of the left side- detailed in every way from the handrails

down to the old CAT yellow paint and original pacman decals

Front view of the huge dozer blade

View of the right side- even has a fire extinguisher attached to the ROPS

Rear features a huge single shank ripper

Detailed CAT D348 engine

Enclosed cab with just as much detail on the inside as on the out including

steering clutch levers & a front display panel

Smooth rolling metal linked tracks

Fully functional front dozer blade that raises...


...and tilts

Overhead view to show linkage bar and hydraulic hoses

Even the swing frame is fully functional on this model keeping the 

dozer level in when on uneven terrian

The single shank is highly detailed with hydraulic hoses running to each

of the cylinders and even a push block at the end of the ripper assembly

The ripper can easily be removed or set into 3 different depths

Shot with the ripper set into the lowest hole for hard materials

Shot with the ripper in the top hole for deep ripping

Ripper tooth can be lowered down far and deep

And even has the foward/back tilt option

Working track tensioners were even added to this precision piece

Another shot to show working track tensioners

View from under to show working swing frame, belly pans, etc.

This is an AWESOME model that CCM did an unbelievable job on-

this particular version is limited to 1500 models

There is also a pushcat with open ROPS version available that 

goes great together in the feild with this ripping monster

Family shot of the D10's

Comparison photo of the CCM D10 next to the Norscot D10T

Comparsion shot of the D10 next to a D11R

Here's a shot of the D10 in action clearing the landscape for a new job

The last pic of this beauty is a shot of it arriving to the jobsite on a

9 axle trailer and just beginning to creep off

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