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CAT D10 push dozer w/ hitch

Manufacturer: CCM

Scale: 1:48

Here is the awesome CATERPILLAR D10 in 1/48 scale by CCM. 

You can get an idea of this machines massive size by looking

at it next to that full sized man beside it

View of the left side- notice the insane detail with handrails & painted pins

Front view- Huge radiator, hydraulic lines on cylinders, cutting edges on c blade

View of the right side

Rear view- The pushcat version comes with a pull hitch and black as shown

Fully functional c blade that lowers...

..and raises

Detailed CAT D348 engine

Extremely detailed inside with steering clutch levers and gage display, the open 

ROPS is also a great addition- even has a side mounted fire extinguisher

Fully functional swing frame that keeps blade and dozer level

Metal linked smooth rolling tracks

Working spring loaded track tensioners

Second photo to show working track tensioners

Shot from beneath to show working swing frame, belly pans, and shows

detail on the cushion blade- notice the 4 cushion springs

This highly detailed model is also available in a standard blade 

w/ ripper shank version from CCM

This amazing model is in a limited edition of only 1000 being made so just

one wasn't enough for me... I don't think 2 will be enough either!

Another shot of the pushcat pair

...and another

...and how about 1 more

Group photo of the D10 fleet

Comparison shot of the D10 next to a D10T

Comparison shot of the D10 next to a D11R

Here's a great shot of the D10 in action pushing a 657 scraper that

needed to get a short deep cut in fast

The last pic of this great piece by CCM is a shot of it cruising down

the highway on a big 9 axle lowbed

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