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CAT 994 loader

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

You don't see one of these everyday... look at the size of this

thing the tires alone are over twice the size of that man below

The cab as a thick R.O.P.S. frame over it to protect the operator

and inside includes and operators seat and steering wheel

The enormous rubber tires on this model are what make it so

unique (I wonder what one of those costs on the real machine!)

Here's a frontal picture to show the large bucket and details

Rear view showing all the walways and great details including

ladders, railings, large radiator vent, and thick under counter weight

The other side is just as detailed

An above picture shows all the upper details like the FOUR exchaust

stacks and all the srrounding railings

The thick front boom includes two large hydraulics for maxiumum

bucket force

Here's a close-up of the toothed bucket with protective upper

screening and wear guards under

And of course the 994 rotates by center hydraulics to steer

The rear axle as a full suspension system, as you can see

here as it goes over that rock all wheels stay on the ground and

the bucket remains flat

The bucket has full movement and can be tilted down to dig

down low...

...brought up to scoop...

...raised to reach over haul truck...

...and fully dumped

This is a HUGE model (as you can see here compared next to the

smaller NORSCOT 992G loader) and a great job done by NZG. This is a

 great model for anyone who likes loaders or mining equipment. There

is also a CAT 994D model available which includes black railings

Wow not much needs to be said about this photo, that massive 793C

truck is filled in just seconds, 3 scoops from the 994 overfills the truck!



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