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CAT 365C L Front Shovel

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the Norscot Caterpillar 365C L FS... You can get an

idea of the machines size with that man standing beside it

The cab inside is nothing special just the usual plasitic molded insert

like on the CAT 365B L excavator

A huge plus for this model and Norscot is the metal linked tracks

Here's a shot of the models front

Shot of the operators side

Rear view, I like the new C L rear styling

And finally a view of the right side ( pretty cheezy how Norscot left

all the screws and screw holes visable on the boom arms=/ )

The new C L cab with cab guard on it looks really good

Here's a close-up of the front shovel

The shovel opens and closes but unfortunatly unlike the CAT 5080

it doesn't have operating hydraulics to perform these actions...

Picture to show all the hydraulic lining

Boom arms all the way lowered

Boom arms all the way extended out forward

Boom arms all the way extended up and out

Here's a comparison shot of the new CAT 365C L FS next to the CAT 5080 FS

Norscot had it going great with the new molded car-body and espiecially the

metal linked tracks but they slacked off on the actual front shovel part... This is

a good display model but if your looking for a CAT front shovel I'd recommend the

CAT 5080 over the CAT 365C L version...

Here's a real good shot of the 365C L FS in action ripping into the mountain side


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