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CAT 345B Material Handler

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the CAT 345 B MH, you can get a rough idea of the handlers size

as it's operator starts climbing up the access ladder

Raised cab for visability. The inside is just a plastic mold with a seat

and side controls but the big clear wondows are good looking

Wide spread rubber tracks for stability

Front view of the long grab boom

View of the left/operators side

Rear view, good pic to show how wide the tracks are spread out

The right side

Since this machine is used for lifting rather than digging like an excavator

its hydraulics are located under the boom arm conection rather than above

This model comes with two attachments a magnet (sadly not a real working

magnet which would of been a good touch) and a 4 arm grapple

The attachments just slide into place (you can see the slide indentation

track if you look closely to the grapple)

Shot with the magnet attached

Shot with the grapple attached

Here's a pic to show the material handlers maxiumum reach height

The 345B MH next to a few other material handlers

Here's a picture of a CAT 345B MH at work at a recycling plant shown here

sorting material into piles to later be loaded into train cars


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