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CAT 16G grader

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the discontinued CAT 16G grader by NZG. You can get an idea

 of its large size by how it makes that man waving below look small

The inside of the cab has an operators seat with side levers and

a steering wheel

Photo showing the left and rear side of the grader

Photo showing the right side and how not only do the front two

wheels steer but the rear pivits as well

The rear is complete with a working sharp ripping teeth that

can be raise or lowered to dig into the soil

All the deatails are in place even the exposed engine is detailed

to the max. Look at how the air intake above connects to the air

filter cylinder below NZG did a very impressive job!

The blade can be centered, or like shown here slid far out to the left

...or far to the right

The blade lowers

...and lifts

It can be turned to wide angles in both directions

It can be tilted slightly and put on an incline

It can also be brought out far to one side for slope grading and

such, all this is done by the three hydraulics that control the blade

The front axle suspension is extreme to make sure the blade isn't

effected by rough terrian

The same goes for the rear suspension system

This is a great model to add to your collection the details are

amazing as you can now see and even small touches like not using

large rivits and painting over the few on the model make it life like

Barely fitting onto this big 5600i lowboy the 16G heads off to

its next construction site for some massive grading

Here's the big grader in action getting the ground as level

as possible for what will soon be a new roadway



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