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Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

It's nice to see norscot venturing away from companies other than

 just CAT... Here is there GROVE truck crane, use the standing

worker to give you an idea of its size

Here is a view of the operators cab which is suprising detailed for

just a plastic insert

View of the drivers cab

Pic to show the 5 fully functional outriggers as well as

the boom in its complete upright postion

Rear view with counter weights

Side view to show all the authentic dymand plating and compartments

Close-up of the front end showing off headlight detail and fifth

under center stabilizer

Second close-up view of fifth fully functional outrigger

With the three stage boom the crane streaches approx. 23 inches high

...With the swing over addition extender the crane reaches almost 36 inches high

The extender can be adjusted upright or angled 

Here is a close-up to show how the extender works

 (one pin is for the angle and the other is what pins it to the boom of the crane along with a snap on feature on the opposite side...)

Here is a close-up of the brass pully schives on the booms top end

Close up of the hand cable pully

here is a photo to show how all three axles are steerable

Pic of the GROVE ATS540 busy back at the yard unloading this

large tool container from that truck



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