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GROVE AMZ131XT manlift

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is NORSCOT's GROVE AMZ131XT combustion powered articulating

 boom manlift. You get an idea of its size with that worker standing

 next to the basket

The control panel for all the functions of this machine is located

inside the basket for the operator

There are four rubber wheels that can be pulled out for stabilization

(shown here pushed in)

This photo shows how the wheels can be pulled out for more

surface area and greater stabilization

The chasis can rotate a complete 360 degrees

This thing can go HIGH, real high, with its 6 section boom!

Fully extended upright this manlift is almost 3 feet tall

Having this split segment allows the AMZ131XT fit a man into

 almost any location

The tip of the boom is fitted with an additional movable jib

for extra basket height or small close movements in an area

Here's a second shot showing the jib down

The basket can be swung around the jib from side to side

Shot showing the basket turned straight

And a third shot showing the basket turned to the other side

This is pretty neat little model considering the suprising height it can

reach and only has one major flaw like all NORSCOT models and that

would have to be the huge, unpainted rivits everywhere... This is now a

discontinued model but if you can dig one up its not a bad investment

You can see just how large this thing is as it barely fits on this truck

while being transported to a high building window replacement job

Here's a good picture of the ZMZ131XT in action at this demo

site raising workers high up on the building to make some

final inspections before full demolition begins




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