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CAT 657G scraper

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the incredible CATERPILLAR 657G scaper by Norscot, just look

at the massive size of this beast next to that full size man

Side view of the mammoth beast.

 Look at all the rivits-All are factory painted! Great job Norscot!

Front view

Other side, again notice how all the rivits have been painted

The rear

Scraper has twin engines, here's a shot of the detailed rear CAT engine

along with the satin black METAL railings

The huge scraper bowl lowers down and the apron can be opened up

Apron opens and closes

Bowl also raises

Shot with apron open and bowl down

Shot with apron closed and bowl raised. The only flaw with this model is the

fact that the ejector isn't actually functional (the box even says "operating

ejector" on it) but that doesn't really take away from all the

 rest of the insane details!

Overhead view of the hydraulic bowl cylinders and apron

Hydraulic articulating steering

The amount of detail for the price is insane from the painted rivits, metal

railings, and even CAT ACERT engine decals!

The articulated suspension system at work

Huge rubber tires

Operating front push plate & bail w/ glare protection

Bail down

Preparing to link...

contact made...

...bail lowering

...and linked

Comparison shot of the CAT 657G next to the smaller CAT 631E scraper

Side comparison

And rear comparison

The 657G next to the 623G

Rear big brother little brother G scraper comparison

Since almost every contractor in my area uses 657's buying just one or two

was out of the question... Here's a group photo the new 657G fleet

Ready to begin reshaping the earth the 657G scraper heads off to the jobsite

Shortly behind the first scraper another leaves the yard on a seperate lowboy

Here's a few 657G's in action scraping down a hillside reshaping the land

And here's some more 657's at a seperate job this one above is getting a

little helper push from a CAT D10T dozer


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